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Handcrafted and formulated with 100% all-natural and organic* ingredients including a mixture of coconut oil*, hemp seed oil*, argan oil*, shea butter*, beeswax, arrowroot powder*, magnesium hydroxide, and a powerful mixture of essential oils including tea tree oil* that help fight bacteria and keep you smelling fresh all day. Our deodorant also contains: Cannabidiol & pure vitamin E (tocopherol)

*certified organic ingredient

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Instructions: Raise your hands in the airrrrr (confidently) with our deodorant on clean, DRY pits, after your shower or bathe. We recommend using a dime-sized amount and massaging the deo into your pits until it is evenly distributed like a lotion**

**may need a little warming in cooler temperatures, make sure to rub the product in between your fingers before applying 💦