Anecdotes from our loyal customers to warm your heart and open your mind.

"To start, I am 35 years old and BRCA-1 positive. What this means, is that I have a genetic mutation on the BRCA gene (which everyone has the gene), giving me a higher risk for breast and ovarian cancer on a cellular level. It has nothing to do with lifestyle (although that certainly affects it) and for me, cancer wasn't an "if" situation but a "when" situation. 

My risks of breast and ovarian cancers were 90% and 50%, respectfully. Before the age of 50, most likely. 

In May of 2014 I elected to have a preventative hysterectomy with oophorectomy (hello menopause!) to reduce my risk of ovarian cancer to 1%. I also started a radical lifestyle change including diet and exercise. I knew I wanted to move forward with a preventative double mastectomy with reconstruction but the type of reconstruction that I wanted, DIEP, required me to lose at least 45 pounds by the beginning of December. 

On December 3rd, 72 pounds down, I was ready. The DIEP procedure uses your body's own fat (abdominal) to create new breasts. Due to the amount of weight I had lost (and that I planned to continue to lose), I did not qualify for the nipple sparing procedure. 

I went home after 5 days in the hospital and continued my recovery at home. On December 19th, it was discovered that I had a massive hematoma in my abdominal area, just behind that incision. My incision was reopened. I spent the next 3 weeks packing and dressing this opening twice a day, with the help of my husband. On January 9th, I went back in for surgery and had a wound vac placed on my abdominal wound. I wore this machine for 8 weeks, 24 hours a day (with the exception of 45 minutes, 3 days a week when I showered and waited for my home health care nurse to arrive) and carried it with me whenever I went the house. 

On March 19th, I went back in for a small breast revision and to finally close my abdominal incision. Since then, it has re-opened at least 4 times- once by the surgeon and the rest on it's own. I have spent the better part of the year taping gauze to my mid-section. Suffice to say, my skin is fragile and sensitive. 

Since my original surgery, I have done everything I can to take care of my skin. I knew that at some point, I wanted to get tattoo coverage on my scars. But I also wanted to feel comfortable with my new body- and it really is a whole new body. So in my quest, I have tried countless oils, body butters, creams, scar creams- you name it. I knew that keeping my scars moisturized was going to be the first step in getting that tissue to break down and fade. 

Coming across Cannabath and Body on Instagram, I knew I had found something that would help. I've used hemp products over the years but this was better. After speaking with Alix, we worked out a formula and smell that I felt comfortable and she shipped me my first batch. Within two weeks, I was seeing huge changes in the scar on my abdomen, which is what I am most concerned about. The scar isn't as rough, it's fading on my hips and it has stopped re-opening. The scars on my breasts feel smoother and are less bright. In some places, they feel almost flat. And this may be the weirdest thing yet- using the balm on my breasts makes them feel warm. I don't have many nerves left in my breasts, I get what I call "phantom nipples" when I get cold. So to get a sensation of warmth is AMAZING. 

I think this is a miracle in a jar, simply put." Courtney T., North Carolina, USA 

"Can't get enough of this [Cannabath and Body) CBD beard balm. Hands down best my beard has felt in awhile! If you've got a beard or love a beard in your life I highly recommend you checking out @cannabathandbody" - Kabuki F., Colorado, USA

"Ok, let's talk about this amazing #CBD infused soap from [Cannabath and Body] I wanted to use it a few times before I posted anything and I'm SOLD. This little bar of black sudsy magic has made me excited to shower again. The milehigh city is known for its dry weather (can we say high desert) so of course my skin is parched. Not anymore with this stuff. Activated charcoal keeps natural sebum production down and I'm never worried about what I'm applying to my skin...(our skin is the biggest, most absorbent organ people!!!) long story short: go to and get yourself some." Marissa L., Colorado, USA

"First off, I'm ocd about using anything new on my face, I hate when soap makes my face feel dry and tight after... This soap however made my skin soft without the shitty tight effect I hate! I finished off with my favorite witch hazel toner and MARACUJA Oil. Great lather! Great scent, light and natural, little hints of tea tree oil + Rosemary. Plus this stuffs All-Natural!! Tons of skin loving ingredients + 10mg of CBD oil... SOLD!"- Jess K., Colorado, USA

"I've actually never used a shampoo bar before and really enjoyed how easy it was to use and lather. (Only wish there were better containers for things like this, as a little bit of product definitely is wasted when it sits on the shelf dripping wet - maybe I can find a good jar to keep it in to dry it back out and save any soaps and oils...) I decided not to put conditioner in my hair so I can see how well the ingredients of the shampoo itself hold up to the hot Arizona sun and dry heat. As some of you know, I used to be a professional cosmetologist aside from my creative and IT work before my health got worse and I had to stop... plus, I grew up in a family of cosmetologists so I tend to get very picky with my beauty products. I could definitely see myself using these Cannabath & Body products, though, if I ever get to open my dream spa/resort for medical patients... I know I'll definitely want to carry these in the Leafleur Partakery boutique if possible, too! I also tried the surprise sample of their activated charcoal exfoliating shaving and facial bar and my legs are soooooooooo soft after shaving with it! I also tried it on my face for exfoliating and it did not irritate my skin at all. I look forward to continue using and testing these products and can't wait to buy more from their line to try! Alaina B., Bisbee, AZ

"First off, the soap smells amazing. It's a really great mild scent, not overly girly or overly masculine. It lathers really well and feels like velvet on your palms. As a full-time yoga and fitness instructor I get sweaty and have to shower quite often. Also, I have sensitive skin that is prone to redness and itchiness if I use a soap with a lot of detergent and fragrance in it. With this soap, I got none of that! It left my skin feeling clean and soft, not dry and itchy like most soaps out there. Definitely something I will use on a daily basis!"
Elena T., Chicago, IL

"I wanted to tell you what an amazing line of products you have! I love your cannabis infused soaps and the beard wax, they make my skin and beard feel amazing. Keep up the great work, you're doing great things!" Nick C., Bridgeport, CT

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